Yaxeni: GoHoochie’s Answer to the Mona Lisa!

12 12 2014

No words needed for beauty like this.

Yaxeni Lisa

At least, not that we can use here…

Even This Pose Looks Good…

9 12 2014

With Yaxeni, there’s no such thing as a bad posing position. Sure she proves that it’s very difficult (okay, impossible!) to squat in a GoHoochie Microskirt…


But she manages to look great anyway!

Lanie’s Neighbors Make Too Much Noise…

6 12 2014

During one of our shoots with Lanie, her upstairs neighbors were crashing and banging around on the hardwood floors above her. As it progressed, so did her ire, as reflected in the screenshot below.


But it’s interested to note that we ran into the upstairs neighbor after we’d packed up and left Lanie’s apartment.

“Brother, if you think WE make noise, you should come and listen to the show that SHE puts on every Saturday night when she brings her dates back home!” the neighbor said.

Not wanting to get into a battle between neighbors, we packed up the van and went home.

Where Has GoHoochie Been?

6 12 2014

Stealing a line from the late, great Sid Caesar, this might answer the question….

Nika may have surpassed the great Yaxeni. This Teutonic Teaser could distract anybody!

GoH Girl Nika 1

More Hannah Waddingham!

31 08 2014

Yes, we have a ‘thing’ for this hot british MILF… In the shot below, she seems to be throwing herself at a much younger man..


If we were HIM, we’d take her up on the offer!

British Babe We Love…

28 08 2014

We found this on Youtube.¬†Hannah Waddingham is a British songstress and actress who also happens to look great in a small bikini… In the show, she plays a hot, unhappily married woman (understandable— look at her husband, left).¬†

And yes, she gets into trouble in the program… wonder why…


Tan Lines Tell the Tale!

25 08 2014

Corrie, from the back. Love those tan lines!